Place Card Ideas

Want to add some interest to your event?  Place Cards add that finishing touch to your table and also will provide a great conversational piece.  Place Cards can be fun as there is no need to always include a name with the card.  I find this as a way to help organize seating and stimulate conversation among the guests.  Usually Place Cards are not used for events with fewer than 8 guests; however, this is another way to set the ambience of the party.

If you are planning outdoor events for the fall consider using a block of wood, a small pumpkin or even gourds.

Planning a back to school party or return to the classroom party for teachers consider placing flowers in a jar to add that touch of freshness as a start to the new year or add a message to an apple.

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At one of my events the tables were adored with pictures of castles and beautiful floral arrangements (Rhon’s Distinctive Floral Designs).  The Place Cards were strung from a jute cord with various castle photos and the guests were in awe at this seating arrangement.  Many of them had traveled abroad and were very familiar with the history of each photo.

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To be successful in using Place Cards you need to take your time to know your guests so they will feel comfortable with your seating arrangements.  This does not mean some will want to seat with unfamiliar faces; however, sometimes it is good to network with different people.

Try these tips:

1-  Seat couples across the table from each other rather than next to each other to encourage a good conversation and to interact with the other guests;

2-  Never sit opinionated guests next to each other to encourage debating;

3-  If possible try not to sit quiet or shy guests together as there will be no conversation at all.  These guests will feel isolated and you want everyone to have a great time;

4-  If you use the guests names on the Place Cards ensure you have printed the correct spelling of each name.  If you are not sure call and asks;

5-  You can use first names at casual events; however, if this is a formal affair or large groups always include the guest’s titles and full names; and

6- Try to find the perfect placement of the Place Cards on the table such as:

  • At the center of the dinner plate near the napkin;
  • Above the forks;
  • Above the entire place setting; or
  • Tied to the back of the chairs

Remember Place Cards are not only for seating but to encourage conversation as it is another way to introduce the guests to each other.  You can include your favorite quote or highlight the theme of your party or simply tell your guest thank you for talking time to come.

Use Place Cards to add that personal touch to any event including children parties.

-Now, let’s enjoy the party.-

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