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Holiday ArrangementIt’s not too late to have that holiday party before the end of this year and have some fun in the process.  Recently I had a conversation with a coach that mentioned the various areas of planning and made the statement regarding the catering services.  I definitely remember that clients will request that they want good food; however, they have no specific suggestions.  No doubt food is usually the major cost at any event; therefore, you must consider the type of food to be served.  Will there by a buffet or seated arrangement and even what type of dessert, if any will be provided.  The caterer will become your best friend as they will help you pair the food with the right beverage and can also keep you within budget.

My suggestions are:

1)      Have information regarding the audience that will be attending;

2)      Are there any special foods that should be presented or should NOT be presented;

3)      Find out what foods, vegetables and fruits are in season and can be purchased from your local marketplace;

4)      Is the caterer flexible in their menu selections; and

5)      Ensure that the menu selections take into consideration the guests dietary and/or any medical restrictions.

Your caterer can become your best friend as this is an important extension of your company vendors.


Be sure to check out TP Events in the Chattanooga Times Free Press (12/8/2013) – Office Parties Back on the Holiday Checklist regarding event planning this year.

Here’s a short snippet:

“They’re not as elaborate as they used to be,” said Tina Player, owner of TP Events Planning. “It didn’t take a dive as far as number of events; it took a dive as far as what you’re going to have. Like ice sculptures. I’ve had maybe three ice sculptures in the last three years. Those things were cut out.”

She added that some Chattanooga companies are spending more time and money on employee team building and appreciation events throughout the year, instead of one event in December.


 It’s time to plan, create and have some fun-

Happy Holidays




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