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A great idea for a company party was created from the words value and worth. The company wanted to recognize the accomplishments and motivate employees for the dedicated work they had performed during the year. Each employee was asked to write down one word that expressed their character and share that information with our team leader. We then took the words that each employee selected and used them in a very unexpected way during our company party. For the party, we placed each “character word” in a gift box attached to a pearl, which represents the value of each team member to the company. The gift boxes were then used as place settings for each table. Gift photoUpon arrival at the party, employees found their place at the table by finding the character word they had submitted. The anticipated results were beyond belief when the guest opened their gift boxes. Not only was this motivating to the employees, but a great ice breaker and networking idea for the evening. Each guest left with a wonderful gift and with the feeling of value and recognition for the years’ work well done.

– Tina Player

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