It’s Time To Plan This Meeting

Some say it appears simple; yet it only works because we plan to succeed and not to fail.  I’m sure you have heard that quote before; however, it is true.  Not only for a meeting but for every event and even for your life’s journey.

I have individuals that want an internship with me and when this happens they end of saying: “I did not know it was so much work.”  Many only see the end results and not the energy that it takes to produce the event nor the upfront organization and planning that is necessary. Something’s are always the same as my clients want their events to be on time and carry through their purpose in a professional manner.

There are always basics that must be considered such as: 1) the purpose; 2) the date; 3) the locations and 4) most of all staying within the budget.  From this information I start to fine tune and focus on specifics and details.  When planning within a hotel environment always take advantage of the resources that are available as they can help you with date availability, sleeping room and meeting room rates, and recommended menus within your company budget.Business Planning

It does take time to plan; however, don’t let the planning process stress you out.  I always say take that deep breathe and asks for help when needed.  Don’t allow the planning process of a business meeting to drain you before you even make it to your event. Plan ahead, weigh up all your options, and if possible seek the advice of someone who has planned a business meeting before and the hotel Banquet and/or Service Manager.

If you are responsible as an on-site coordinator remember to get a copy of the meeting agenda from the client.  This will ensure that the meeting breaks and lunch are coordinated with the hotel staff as not to disturb while the meeting(s) are in session.


Pre-Plan the Meeting

Conduct An On-Site Review

Review the Budget

Locate a Suitable Venue

Confirm Sleeping Rooms

Request the RFP (Request for Proposal)

Confirm with a Carefully Reviewed CONTRACT

Confirm the Meeting Room Setup

Confirm AV equipment if necessary

With all of the information above you will still need to negotiate for the best prices to ensure that you make cost effective decisions.  You always want to look out for your client but always expect the unexpected as you will be the problem solver.

There are always details within the details so check and double check the Event Orders (EOs) and Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) with the information that has already been discussed in prior meetings.  Never assume anything; however, work with the hotel staff to resolve any issues that may arise.

It’s time to get this meeting started so locate the nearest restrooms, emergency exits and don’t forget to check the temperature in the room.

The meeting starts in one-hour – Enjoy!

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