First Meeting Jitters

This still happens to me when meeting a client for the first time.  We have probably talked by telephone or email; however, the first introduction can be exciting or NOT!!!

Tip #1 – Have clear directions on where you are going and the time to meet.  Okay I have gotten lost before as the GPS took me to the wrong side of town and the wrong street address.  Now I take a trial drive to ensure I’m going to the correct address.

Tip #2 – Calm jitters by listening to calming music and hold back on the caffeine as you may be thinking faster than you talk and your stomach may want to join in the conversation; and

Tip #3 – Upon your arrival be professional and not arrogant

Being an Event Planner means I am a problem solver to the client.  I find you also need to enjoy being and interacting with individuals as we are people with different backgrounds and cultures.  Therefore, I’m going to 1) Listen to the client with an open mind – No talking until you can clearly repeat and clarify their concerns;  2) Stay on track with the conversation;  and  3) Review and clarify at the end of the meeting.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions without being judgmental.  This is their event and we are creating their ideas into a visual display.

Let it be fun and enjoyable.  If it cannot be accomplished by your company be honest and maintain the integrity of yourself and others.

Okay it’s time to create and inspire that next event.

ENJOY and have FUN!!
“Let Us Create and Inspire Your Moment in Time.”

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