Ideas for the Fourth of July Holiday

Let me share a few ideas for the upcoming holiday that can apply for any party during the summer season.  This is definitely a time to have seasoned cooks in the kitchen or should I say in charge of the grill.  Why not invite family and friends and have them bring over their favorite dish.  Since it is very hot in specific areas of the country a cool dish is a must.  It does not take a lot of effort to add a strawberry salad as an entrée while the BBQ is being prepared.

July 2014 071 Don’t forget to setup various stations around the patio, in the kitchen area or an old-fashioned backyard party.  This holiday is about having good food and sharing family stories with love.  It is good to separate the beverages from the other food items and don’t forget about the children.  Hot dogs and fruit frozens have always been a hit at my home.

The food list is a little different as there may be vegetarians on the list; however, desserts such as fruit tarts, frozen yogurt or ice cream bars are winners.  Fruit Tarts

If it is not too hot why not incorporate family games into the schedule and even a water slide is fun for everyone. You can decorate with daises, sunflowers and even dried plants are affordable and will add that touch of color to the tables and eliminate some of those pesky bugs.   If you are into the patriotic theme then bring in the colors in the paper goods and silverware.  You can provide paper streamers for the children to decorate the tables while waiting on the meal or pick-up colorful bubbles to blow around the yard.  No one wants to add another pot to the kitchen so paper is a must.  Have plenty of trash bags on hand and dump as you go!

At the end of the evening hand-out sparklers to the guests or even highlight the night with those paper lanterns (be careful of the wind direction with either one).

This is a time to share life with family and friend – ENJOY!!!

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