Focus or Foggy?

Do you ever feel that there is just not enough time in a day?  Actually, there are 24 hours in a day so consider how you are managing your time. This is not unusual as multi-tasking is not effective for everyone-some of us need that extra help.  When I feel overwhelmed the best thing for me is to take some ‘ME’ time, step away from the projects, take a walk, breathe deeply, and relax my mind.  I often find that we focus on tasks that we need to prioritize.  Always remember and respect the deadlines of the clients and the results of not meeting that requirement.

 Listed below are a few tips that have really helped me in this area:

1)   Focus- What is the goal or task that should or must be accomplished within a specific time period? Try to commit to  only one task at a time even if there is more than one that must be completed on the same day.  Only allow so much time to review and actively engage in that project and yet stay focused on the task at hand.

2)      Be Consistent-If you are not an organized individual I would recommend creating a spreadsheet and write down what you will accomplish within each hour of the day.  Remember to always take some “ME” time, allow for meaningful breaks where it is just YOU and the wind.  Sometimes it helps to eat your meals without talking and/or business. Even 15 minutes of quiet time can make a big difference in your day.  There are also software applications that are great to help you organize your day activities.

3)      Make a Decision- Decide what you want to accomplish each day and work toward that goal.  We all realize that our days may be interrupted and moved off schedule; however, never stop but continue to focus on the next task as hand.  Face the fears and move forward with the challenge.

4)      Accountability- This is really important as you must be accountable for your actions.  Never blame others for what you have listed on your spreadsheet or ‘to-do’ list.  When you take ownership for your actions the changes will occur.

5)      Stay on Track- Try not to let others rearrange your focus and goals that you have planned for the day.  This means you must create a schedule and stick to the plan.  Remember to work your plan and not have the plan work you.  Be honest with yourself, sincere, and let time become a friend.  Stay positive and never give up.

If things become just too busy consider hiring a virtual assistant, college intern or ask for volunteers.  If you only want help for critical times there are interns that are more than willing to help and it also gives them the opportunity to shadow you as they perform some of your tasks.


 So consider- Are you Focused or Foggy?


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