Did You Hear Me? Are you Listening?

With technology more and more in every aspect of our lives at home and at work at times do you wonder if you are being heard?

Hearing is a physical process, just like seeing; however, it goes beyond hearing someone and that is so important as we continue to meet remotely. Listening goes further than what you think you hear.  It is like reading as it is an intellectual process improved with training.  It includes listening with your ears, eyes, brain, and heart.  It includes what we don’t hear such as silence and omissions.

Listening Tips:

  • Avoid letting the Listeners behavior become a distraction to the speaker.  
  • The Listeners behavior directly reflects and shapes the other individual’s opinion of us.
  • Remember there is a Listener, Speaker and Watcher (Observer).
  • Remove distractions so the listener can remember what is to be said.
  • Respect the other individual’s opinion.

It is so frustrating to have someone say, “I’m Listening”, and yet doing something else.  We see all this while working or even talking with family and friends remotely.  Remember to Listen to what is not being said!!

                                                      Enjoy your Moment in Time!

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