Business Meeting Planning Tips

As event planners we are often challenged to create unique events that speak and reflect the company brand and personality. I have listed below a few steps to consider when planning your next business meeting.

  1. Did you understand clearly the purpose and goals of the meeting?
  2. Was the budget discussed?
  3. Are there any tasks that will be delegated to other key individuals or areas of the company?
  4. Where is an appropriate site for the meeting?
  5. Who is the targeted audience?
  6. Are you aware of the meeting agenda?
  7. What are the logistical needs?
  8. Are outside reliable vendors required to fulfill the needs of the meeting?
  9. Are there any materials that need to be reproduced prior to the day of the meeting? and
  10. Who is the on-site coordinator for the company?

As you plan these meetings always review your checklist of things that need to be completed before the meeting, during the meeting and at the end of the day.  And last but definitely important is FEEDBACK

Have the Best Meeting Ever and Enjoy!

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