Is This In My BUDGET?

Planning any event can be expensive if you like everything that you see.  However, if you want to get the most from every cent you spend you will need to carefully review and establish a workable budget.  I post ideas regarding centerpiece arrangements because they can become the focal point and add the certain splash of color or attitude to any party.  Even corporate events or small meetings are not in black and white if you take a look around the room.  Everything sets the stage for great parties or productive meetings.

The greatest cost is usually in the food, beverages and sometimes in rental equipment.  So let’s have a little fun and become creative and save some money that will fit the ambience of the event and your budget.

For a luncheon or middle of the day home event look around for a simple vase or large drinking glass.

This herb arrangement will add just that hint of simplicity to the table.  Consider a vase, drinking glass or even an empty salt and pepper shaker.

You can cut flowers from your yard or even collect a few wildflowers on your way home – add them to your favorite glass collection and display them around the house.  Wildflowers are beautiful but be careful what you pick and where you step!!

Looking for that really different arrangement? 


Then buy some artichokes and place them in a vase.  After a few days steam them and serve with melted butter- What can I say if you like artichokes!!!


Let keep those creative thoughts going as the more you look around the more you can save and spend that extra money are your priority items.

                             Let’s just have some fun and Enjoy!!

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