Walks of Inspiration Available

Tina Player’s book, Walks of Inspiration, is now available for purchase. The book features inspiring images with quotes, showcasing amazing landscapes.

Walks of Inspiration is a curation of walks and thoughts told through the lens of author and photographer Tina Player.

What began as daily morning walks to start her day with clarity, sunshine and silence. Tina quickly realized that beauty was surrounding her. With her cell phone in hand, she began taking photos of her landscape and aligning them with inspirational thoughts that began to bring enjoyment to her family and friends.

Owner of TP Events Planning, Ms. Player has created some of the most unforgettable events in the Tennessee tri-state area. Known for her “let’s get it accomplished – no problem” work ethic, she is excited to use her eye for detail to author a photographic book on her views of life through the art of photography. Inspirational walks and views are directly reflective of the “Words of Knowledge” gained from her mentor, Bishop W.C. Hunter.

The reader is invited to take this journey with her and share their comments of inspiration.

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