Hotel and Event Venue

A recent trip continues to remind me to always be watchful of surroundings and much of the information that I share with you.

For Instance:

  • Where are the visible exits located at the Hotel and Event Venue?
  • How many visible exits can you safely exit the building?
  • Where inside and outside of the Hotel and Event Venue is security located?
  • Is it security part-time or full-time employees?
  • Will the security look at you when you go by their desk?
  • Where are the parking locations associated with the Hotel and Event Venue?
  • Will the guests need to park on the street? Or can arrangements be made for guest parking on the day of the event?
  • Are there security cameras and or they viewed 24 hours day?
  • Are emergency telephone numbers available at the front desk?
  •  Most important- is the staff knowledgeable regarding any of your concerns or question?

Yes, event planning has changed; however, being safe will never go away.


Now ENJOY and Create Your Next Event – Have FUN!!!

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