General Business and Social Etiquette

Introduction to Business Etiquette

As we start to increase our business life, let’s remember a few tips of the trade. First, it’s important to introduce yourself by name when entering the room or before a client business meeting. There may be times when we send others to represent the company due to pre-scheduled commitments. In such cases, please inform the client in advance of your representative’s arrival. Proper representation is crucial and leaves a lasting impression.

Hospitality Etiquette

Upon entering a room, take a moment to observe the room layout. Pay attention to whether everyone is standing, as this will provide clues on how to proceed at the event or meeting. Additionally, avoid the practice of offering water, tea, or coffee if the business client is not available during the meeting, as it can be perceived as annoying. When introducing individuals at a meeting or party, prioritize introducing younger individuals to older ones and, at a conference meeting, introduce non-official members to official ones. Always provide names and titles within the organization or at the meeting and refrain from assuming that everyone knows each other’s names or preferences for addressing one another.

Now ENJOY and Create Your Next Event – Have FUN!!!

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