Connecting To Reach The Goal

There are times when we feel there does not appear to be a connection or clear vision in sight.  After attending a lunch and learn I want to share tips on changing-with thought-to reach our goals.  This information was shared by Clint Powell, Owner of Connect Marketing in Chattanooga, TN.

What can I control?  1- My Expectation; 2- What I say: 3- How often I say it; and 4- Who I say it to.

No doubt you must know your product or service to ensure you market to that specific client.  I wanted to provide my services to everyone and where did that get me?  Poor marketing and large advertising expenses— Believe it or not everyone is not a good fit for what you offer and it is okay to say – NO.

Mr. Powell compared a connection of success as being on a stationary bike while you are actually moving on an escalator.  Have there been times when you thought you were moving yet standing still as you can tell from sleepless nights and the bank account?

An important message that has really helped in my business is to take time for me because the client sees you first before any contract is reviewed.

I say: ‘Take time to listen and be open to suggestions and be around positive individuals that can make a difference in your career.’

It’s time to get off of that escalator and take the elevator UP to the next floor.

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