Children Birthday Party Tips

When planning a children’s party my first question is- What is your  Budget?  If you have nothing in mind the sky is the limit and you can overspend in no time because everything is ‘so cute’.  Consider a theme party as this should keep you focused on just one idea.

Next, where will the party be held?  If you decide on a party room where everything is provided that is convenient because no clean-up is usually necessary.  However, some parents believe, and it totally depends on the child’s age, it is impersonal with other families having their party at the same time.

When you decide where it will be held then consider how many guests will be invited.  Also are any of the parents staying or just dropping the children off to return later.  And what foods will be served?  If you are catering the food, ensure it is delivered on time and there are no last minute pickups for you.

I would suggest there are not too many sweets but add some crackers, pretzels and fun looking vegetables to your main menu.  

Use your creativity and have some fun and don’t forget about the birthday cake, cupcakes or cookies. You can also make freeze pops from fruit that is great for that summer party.

Decorating can be fun if the party is held at home.  Remember to keep the decorations lower if placing anything on the walls.  If there are games to be played inside be careful of any furniture that may get in the way.   You want to definitely have a safe environment for all.  Have fun games that are age appropriate.

Usually no longer than 2 hours is enough time for you and the children.  However, this depends on your energy level.

Have everything planned and ready before the guests arrive and get a good night’s sleep to enjoy a fun day.

OK – send out those invitations, prepare for great pictures and let the party begin –


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