What does Thanksgiving mean to you and your family???

The best way to plan any event is to brainstorm what you really want such as a theme, the menu, who you are inviting to your home or to another location and of course, the budget. 

It may not seem important; however, the time of day is important. Some family members and/or friends may be traveling and need to return home due to not only traffic, the setting of the sun.

What colors do you think about with the autumn shades of browns, oranges, yellows, reds and even some greens. Warm colors will attract warm feelings within the group and create a beautiful ambiance in the room.

Who is invited to the dinner? Is it for your immediate family and their children or family friends and their children? This will decide the amount of space needed and the amount of food and beverages needed. Depending on the weather, can the children play outside or need an area inside your home. Consider an easy and basic décor with a traditional menu that can be manageable.

Hopefully, you have already started to plan as many of the food items have increased in cost. You want to ensure you get enough food that includes desserts and drinks, not just the main meal. Don’t forget this is family and love and the key.

At the dinner table you can always ask the question: ‘What Are You Thankful For?’  You might get some surprising answers that will make you giggle.

Just have fun and ENJOY!!

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