I have been coordinating events for several years and recently I am again reminded of the value of my business and worth of the services of the company. Many times, we undervalue our services; however, one should never be confused if you are performing at a quality and/or above standard.  Consider!!!  Would you enjoy going to your own event while looking for that ‘WOW’ moment. I heard at a luncheon the other day – “Will you devalue yourself to value yourself?”  I give credit to the speaker Jill Hindman, owner of Hindman & Associates in Chattanooga, TN. Reminders to SELF:
  • Put a value on yourself;
  • Put a value on the hours of services to yourself and others;
  • Don’t be shy or afraid when quoting your fees. Why would you apology?
  • Companies don’t play with their money so why should I;
  • Be truthful and honest with each client;
  • Value your service and business with a purpose; and
  • If you are unable to provide a service collaborate and/or outsource with a trusted business and grow.

Sometimes you need a moment of clarity so let’s take a deep breath and keep it moving.         READY

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