Positive or Negative

I read this article in the magazine SUCCESS and want to share for information that is so true. We are only given a certain amount of time in life- Who are we spending time with????

1- Pillars – These are individuals that we believe are the stability of our life’s journey. They will tell you the truth and only want the best for you no matter what. Are we listening?;

2- Bridges – These are individuals that will help you carry the challenges we all face in life. Sometimes we meet them on the other side as they have gone ahead to ensure you miss a ‘pothole’ or that the bridge does not swing and toss you over into the waters below; and

3- Extenders – These are individuals that want you to take the challenge and look ahead. Networking is great; however, some people are not approachable so reach out and you may be surprised at the results. At least you are using those valuable people skills that communicate not only by voice-by body language.

These are some tips I received from the article written by Shawn Achor, Harvard-Trained Happiness researcher and the author of ‘Big Potential’. 

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