Party Planning Tips

We all love to attend great parties and have fun with family and friends.  However, a successful party takes planning.  No doubt you can have a ‘get-together’ where everyone brings a dish or the hosts or hostess can provide food from a fast food chain.  However, a grand party, whether for business or pleasure, deserves planning to maximize your investment.

Listed below are a few planning tips.

1-      Why do you want to host a party?

  • To network and share information
  • To create business image enhancements
  • For community outreach

2-      Have you created a budget?

  • Minimum to spend
  • Maximum to spend
  • Is the budget a priority

3-      What message do you want to send to the guests?

  • Positive
  • Just for Fun
  • Ice Breaker Introductions

4-      Who is your target audience?

  • Family and Friends
  • Business Connections
  • Outreach to the community

5-      What results are you seeking?

  • Awareness
  • Introduction of new management or new staff employees
  • Information on company changeover


All parties should have a: 





                How Much

Most important:  Don’t forget about TIME – When should it START and END13816036-creative-clock-design-with-stickers-for-your-text

Take time to plan and your planning will be successful.

Let’s Enjoy the Party-


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