How BIG is your Dream?

What is your Dream?

As we enter 2015 there are many things that I desire to accomplish. In setting my goals I want to ensure that I focus on others as a professional event planner. Let me share information I read from SUCCESS magazine this month that should be the direction to our success. The article was written by John C. Maxwell, author and founder of EQUIP and the John Maxwell Company.

  1. Let’s FOCUS on our STRENGTHS
    1. What are you really good at doing?
    2. We are never good in everything so it pays to listen and learn.
    3. Ask questions if you don’t understand; however, be prepared to accept the answer.
  2. Let’s FOCUS on TODAY– Maxwell says “Yesterday ended last night.”
    1. You cannot live in tomorrow or even in yesterday’s ideas.
    2. We only have the NOW and in fact just this MOMENT.
    3. Make preparation for your future step by step.
  3. Let’s FOCUS on our PRIORITIES
    1. What is important is not shuffling papers.
    2. Determine exactly what should be done that will lead you into the direction of your goals if not make a change.
  4. Let’s FOCUS on our expected RESULTS
    1. Sometimes we may need to detour; however, the expected results should remain strong and determined.
    2. Ask yourself why the results are important and are they valuable.
    1. Can the results be of benefit to others?
    2. Is there visible growth within myself?

Why not imagine and bring into reality our dreams. Let’s be that visionary that creates spaces that have been void of beauty.



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