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An easy way to picture your theme or color scheme is to identify a focal point of interest.  You want the guests to be drawn to your idea or subject.  When deciding on a floral centerpiece or any arrangement decide the ‘WHY‘.   Many times it is not just the flower as the focal point; however, […]

April 8, 2016
Easter Fun Ideas

After reading an article in Better Homes and Gardens I wanted to share with you other ways you can create and have fun at any event. Let’s start the party with a colorful and fun centerpiece arrangement created from vegetables and flowers.  These are so cute just have some fun and place them as the […]

March 19, 2016
What Did I Say? WOW!!!

“Body Language is the language of the soul and the self.  Change your body language … Change your life.”  – Dr. Donna Van Natten Often we say one thing and mean something entirely different.  This can be so frustrating that the body movements and facial expressions will tell it all. Most recently I heard Dr. […]

“To Accomplish” mean to bring something to a conclusion. “To Achieve” means bringing about an intended result.”  …John C. Maxwell, Internationally recognized Leadership Expert, Speaker, and Author As a Special Events Planner I want to add value to the vision of the client. In order to achieve this goal listening to the unspoken request becomes […]

January 7, 2016
Planning The Next Move

As we have started a new year there is so much ahead to be accomplished. Have you considered a plan or moving in many directions with no specific goal just hoping for the best? My goals have always been larger than my dreams. So when I read an article by Sara Blakely, business women and […]