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Maybe you’ve been planning your business holiday party all year. Or maybe you just realized the year has ran away from you and you are scrambling to get it all pulled together. Either way, these tips are designed to help you put together a get-together that your team will be talking about all through the […]

There are times when we feel there does not appear to be a connection or clear vision in sight.  After attending a lunch and learn I want to share tips on changing-with thought-to reach our goals.  This information was shared by Clint Powell, Owner of Connect Marketing in Chattanooga, TN. What can I control?  1- […]

August 10, 2016
Planning to Win

No doubt watching the 2016 Olympics we can see how the athletics have planned for many months to see their dreams come true.  Let me share some of the words that have created a unity of minds within my business. ACCOUNTABILITY ATTITUDE CENTER YOURSELF COMMITMENT COMMUNICATION DEDICATION DETERMINATION DISCIPLINE FUN GAME PLAN GOAL SETTING PURPOSE […]

July 6, 2016
First Meeting Jitters

  This still happens to me when meeting a client for the first time.  We have probably talked by telephone or email; however, the first introduction can be exciting or NOT!!! Tip #1 – Have clear directions on where you are going and the time to meet.  Okay I have gotten lost before as the […]

Let me share a few ideas for the upcoming holiday that can apply for any party during the summer season.  This is definitely a time to have seasoned cooks in the kitchen or should I say in charge of the grill.  Why not invite family and friends and have them bring over their favorite dish.  […]

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