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November 26, 2011
Green Fall Idea

Let’s make it simply Create this focal point with your favorite glass jar, dried corn and  candle either scented or unscented.  Just have some fun with this idea and use different size jars or vases. -Remember to be careful with the use of any candles-

November 21, 2011
Another Green Centerpiece Idea

As I continued to shop for Thanksgiving dinner today I was amazed at the beauty of the apples and flowers in the produce and floral section.  Perhaps it was the light; however, another creative idea came through.  A simple centerpiece arrangement can be created from items at your local market.  Enjoy!!!!

  Looking for a unique yet elegant green idea for your centerpiece arrangement?  Add  this fall flavor to your Thanksgiving table.  Create this idea from fruit, nuts, fresh  or preserved leaves placed in a wire basket for that updated look of a cornucopia.  Just have some fun and ENJOY!!!

November 17, 2011
Event Planning Tips

Every event should be personal and fun to share with others.  You should definitely not be stressed out before the event and never enjoy the moment.  What are your answers for the following questions?

November 10, 2011
Why use an event planner?

Ask yourself this question- What is your vision for this event? and do I have the time to plan the details such as the location, time of day, number of guests, selection site, etc.  If you are unable to complete these task easily-then you need to consider the services of a professional planner.