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September 13, 2019
CWLI – Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute Member Spotlight

What an honor to be selected for the September Spotlight of CWLI. This is a great organization and I encourage business women to come together and support. I hope my comments can encourage ones that read this article to visualize your dreams and make them your reality.

Occupation: Owner, TP Events Planning and Consulting Services since 2005

College Attended: Bachelor Degree in Organizational Management – Covenant College, Lookout Mtn, GA.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of being a leader?

A: Leaders should have good listening (not judgmental) skills with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in any situation.

Q: What advice do you have for women aspiring to be leaders in their field?

A: You should know your field of aspiration and make it a part of your being.  Particularly, what makes you different and unique? Walk in your purpose with passion.

Q: Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader?

A: My mentor was my Pastor and Bishop, W. C. Hunter.  He realized there was a desire within me that needed to be fulfilled and he ensured that I took the challenge to succeed. I am a sincere and trusted people person.

Q: Approximately how many years have you been involved with CWLI and in what committees do you participate?

A: I have been involved with CWLI for 3 years and participated on the Impact, networking and now the membership committee.

Q: What strides do you think members can take to make more of a difference in women’s leadership issues in the local community?

A: Recognize and express YOUR voice. Change is not easy for many; however, sometimes it is a necessity.

Q: How would you best describe the benefit found in joining this organization? 

A: Networking and the sincerity of the members that I have met.

Align yourself with those that want you to succeed and become your BEST SELF.


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