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June 6, 2017
Business/Life Tips

I am reminded of information from an article I read in ESSENCE Magazine last year written by Editor-in-Chief, Vanessa K. DeLuca.


Business/Life Tips:

  • Know What You Stand For- (Stand on your TRUTH and know yourself without compromise);
  • Don’t Rest on your Laurels- (Know that the success of yesterday is only a tool to provide guidance for successes to come not a chair to rest upon);
  • Believe in the Power of Failure- (Each challenge is a learning skill to increase knowledge moving forward);
  • Trust Your Inner Compass- (Pause and take notice of your surroundings and the topic of the current conversation –use wisdom);
  • Take the Risk to Somewhere New-(Not being reckless yet thoughtful and prepared);
  • Look Back only to see how far you’ve come- (The past is to learn for the successes of the future);
  • Don’t be afraid to do the Unexpected- (Be able to think in the moment as most events will present the Unexpected);
  • Remain Humble- (Don’t be a know-it-all as you need information for the task/project); and
  • Never Stop Acquiring Information (Continue to Learn each day).

These a few tools that will help meeting with your next client and moving to another successful event.

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