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July 13, 2015
Newsletter Article – The Concierge Office Suites – July 2015

Summer is officially here!

And that means it’s PARTY TIME! Chances are you’re either going to, or planning an event this Summer. Our very own Tina Player of TP Events has some great tips on how to plan the perfect party without a hitch!

Timeline Planning Tips
As an event planner it is so important to create a timeline of events that will happen before and after the project.  This is important as many times the unexpected will occur and you need time to research or even locate a necessary item for the event.
Important steps to remember:
1-  Stay calm;
2-  Plan and re-plan;
3-  Review the project from beginning to the end;
4-  Review details with your staff and delegate specific duties and/or tasks;
5-  Allow extra time before the event;
6-  Be available to make changes if necessary; and
7-  Confirm and re-affirm
After each project or event conduct a feedback session and add any unexpected to your expected list.
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